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Why I Give

hp give jean

Jean Louie

"Supporting the Arts is our gift to the next generation. Arts nourish the soul."

hp give george

George Rodgers

"We put ourselves through community college and we know how tough it can be to work and go to school at the same time."

hp give gloria

Gloria Villasana Fuerniss

"I got my start at Ohlone College. It's very fulfilling to give back."

The Ohlone College Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit auxiliary organization created to support Ohlone College in the execution of its strategic mission. The Foundation focuses on the critically important task of raising funds to support a broad array of educational programs.

The Foundation manages $4.5 million dollars in assets and provides approximately $100,000 in student scholarships on an annual basis. The board of directors consists of corporate, community and philanthropic leaders who have a dedicated interest in the well-being of the College. The Ohlone College Foundation also manages the Alumni and Friends program – providing graduates and valued community members an opportunity to stay connected.

The entire Ohlone community benefits from the Foundation's support in providing equipment, furnishings, and community awareness programs at both the Fremont and Newark campuses.

hp hallHow You Can Help

The Foundation facilitates grants, gifts, planned gifts, corporate funds, gifts-in-kind, and a host of other donation vehicles. Many donations are made with a specific purpose; for example, donations are made to honor an individual (living or deceased) or to fund a specific type of scholarship. Many gifts are left unrestricted to allow the Foundation to identify areas of need.

Click here to read more about how you can help.