Ohlone College Foundation Scholarships

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The Ohlone College Foundation is committed to providing financial assistance to Ohlone College students demonstrating ongoing academic effort and or financial need. The application process opens April 1 of each year and closes May 1. Students must apply online through our STARS system.

A scholarship can provide not only necessary financial assistance, but often the encouragement a student needs to continue in school despite obstacles. It is our honor to serve the students of Ohlone College and to "Open the Door" to their endless opportunities.

In addition to the numerous Ohlone College Foundation scholarships that are chosen by the scholarship committee each semester, the Foundation also distributes many scholarships and awards that are chosen by outside committees. In 2013, approximately $111,000 was awarded in scholarships to entering Ohlone College freshman and continuing students. For a list of the 2013 award winners click here.

The Ohlone Promise is a new full ride (four semester) scholarship available to Tri-City high school students residing in the Ohlone Community College District who plan to attend Ohlone College in Fall 2013. Click here for more information.

The HOSTS scholarship (Helping One Student to Succeed) provides for one semester of tuition, books and related fees. Click here for more information.