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 The spring 2016 scholarship application period is now open! The application period is March 1 - April 15.

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Thank you for applying to Ohlone College Foundation Scholarships!  You’ll soon be directed to our online scholarship application system. 

What you need to know

Students who have already registered at Ohlone should use the "Current Ohlone Students" link below.  Please use the same login information as your WebAdvisor.

For new students, including Ohlone Promise applicants who have not registered at Ohlone College before, please use the "Prospective Students" link below to create a new account.

We’ll be asking some questions about you in order to match you with the scholarships you most likely qualify for.  You’ll also be asked to write a few short essays about yourself.  Lastly, you’ll need to upload a copy of your unofficial transcript (a WebAdvisor printout is fine), and provide a letter of recommendation from an Ohlone College faculty member, counselor, or administrator.

But you don’t need to do it all at once!  You can skip sections and go back to complete them at any time before the deadline.

Even if you’re matched with a scholarship, read all of the requirements and make sure you really qualify before applying!  If we find that any statements you make are untrue, not only will you be disqualified from ALL scholarships you have applied for, you’re also subject to Ohlone’s academic dishonestly policies.  So check and double check!

  • You must be attending Ohlone College or another four-year institution in Fall 2016 in order to be eligible to receive scholarships.

  • Scholarships awarded in Spring 2016 will be distributed in the beginning of Fall 2016. Most scholarships will be mailed to you in the form of a check, unless stated otherwise.

  • Scholarship details and availability are subject to change at any time.

  • If you are awarded a scholarship, changes in your academic status between the time of awarding and disbursement may still disqualify you from the scholarship.

 The online process opens March 1, 2016 and closes April 15, 2016.

Apply Now - for current Ohlone students

Apply Now - for prospective Ohlone students and Ohlone Promise applicants