The Ohlone Promise Scholarship

The application period for Ohlone Promise Scholarships is now open!  Thirty-two Ohlone Promise Scholarships are being offered for 2018.  Apply by March 31.

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What is the Promise?

The Ohlone Promise Scholarship pays for required tuition, books, and enrollment fees for two years at Ohlone - a value of approximately $3,600. Thirty-two students will receive Ohlone Promise Scholarship in 2018.

Who is it for?

High school seniors living in the Tri-City area and planning to attend Ohlone College full-time.  The high schools covered are:

     Fremont Unified School District
     American, Irvington, Kennedy, Mission San Jose, Robertson and Washington

     Newark Unified School District
     Newark Memorial and Bridgepoint

     New Haven Unified School District
     Logan High School and Conley Caraballo


As education costs rise, more and more middle-income families find themselves stretched to pay for college, just missing the threshold for federal financial aid. At the same time, being able to focus on their studies full-time has been shown to significantly benefit a student's ability to succeed in college.

The Ohlone Promise Scholarship helps address these issues by offering a two year, full-ride scholarship so that students can focus on their education, rather than their finances.

Additional information for applicants:
  • First priority will be given to students who just miss the FAFSA threshold to receive federal financial aid.
  • Students will be responsible for miscellaneous supplies and optional fees. Examples of miscellaneous supplies not covered include notebooks, scantrons, software, calculators, art supplies, lab coats/goggles, and other non-textbook items.
  • This scholarship automatically pays for required tuition, books and enrollment fees. The scholarship will not be distributed in cash.
  • Recipients must meet a 2.5 minimum GPA and finish 12 units a semester to continue receiving the scholarship semester-to-semester.
  • Recipients must apply for FAFSA ( by March 31 every year to continue receiving the scholarship (for administrative purposes only - not demonstrating need through FAFSA will not cause a recipient to lose the scholarship).  Dream Act students are exempt from the FAFSA requirement.
  • Scholarship recipients must attend a mandatory Ohlone Promise workshop before the beginning of each semester.


2018 Ohlone Promise Scholarship Donors

Thank you for being a partner in student success!  We would like to give a special thanks to Vicki Maroulis and Indo-Americans for Better Community, who have both created endowments in support of the Ohlone Promise Scholarship.  These generous gifts will generate income to fully fund an Ohlone Promise scholarship recipient every year.

Alvin & Caryl Dockter


Binh Q. Nguyen

Bob Bradshaw

Brad Hatton


Chris Dela Rosa

Citizens for Better Community

Dr. Minh-Hoa Ta

Indo-Americans for Better Community

Gari Browning, Ph.D.

Gloria Villasana & Al Fuerniss

Jennifer & Bill Harrison

Morris Memorial Foundation

Robin Williams

Shirley Sisk

Steven Reeves

Veda Shankar

Vicki Maroulis

Washington Hospital